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Corporate Taxes are Due March 15th.








Stressing out over getting your tax information organized so you can get your tax return done?


  • Preparation and organization of bookkeeping and payroll items.
  • Entering receipts into QuickBooks.
  • Reconciling bank accounts.
  • Financial statements.


  • Electronic payroll processing, direct deposits.
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly payroll tax deposits.
  • 941’s, MI 5080, UIA quarterly, 940’s etc.

On site locally, remote anywhere!
20 years of QuickBooks experience.

Paying Your Employees

Electronic – Familiar with West Shore Bank, PNC, and Huntington Bank.
Willing to learn other bank procedures.

If you are still printing or writing payroll checks, that’s ok too. I can easily help you transition from checks to online processing if that is your goal. Or continue with hard copy checks until you are ready.

General Bookkeeping


Payroll Tax Forms

$20-$30 per item charge

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